Summer Buzz: The 10 Best Boozy Popsicles

There’s a reason adults like to add liquor to popsicles: it’s hot as Hades outside, and we still have to work. Here are 10 ways to bring a little sunshine to your insides.
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The Best Grilled Corn You’ve Ever Had. Ever.

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Lemonita Granita

In America, we have snow cones—hard pebbles of ice soaking in artifically flavored, neon-colored “juice.” In Italy, they have granitas—soft flakes of frozen water and fruit. Perfect for summer, the Italian dessert can be made in just 2 hours, no noisy machines required.
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Any Berry Assemble-Yourself Shortcake

For me, there is no summer without strawberry shortcakes. This is the best homemade recipe you will find anywhere because it’s adapted from the best of the best. And the build-your-own twist means everyone gets it exactly how they wanted it!
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Strawberries Romanoff

Mine (and Jackie Kennedy’s) favorite summer strawberry dessert! A 1960s classic that should never have gone out of style.
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10 Best Royal Baby Celebration Recipes

Celebrate the birth of Will & Kate’s baby with these splendid British sweets.
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Just One Serving:
NY Style Cheesecake

Is it worth 10 minutes to make your own personal, fresh-from-the-oven cheesecake? Yes, yes it is.
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Caprese Cherry Tomatoes

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Chicken Milanese

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Antonia’s Tuscan Apple Torta

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The Definitive Guide to Buying Olive Oil

Olive oil is not only delicious, it also helps your heart, fights cancer, controls your blood sugar, lowers blood pressure, prevents bone loss, and (best of all?) stops that little pooch of belly fat from forming.
Even though the Greek poet Homer called it “liquid gold,” only half of the households in America have a bottle of olive oil in their kitchen. Read more…

Cookbook Giveaway

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Shortbread Cups with Chocolate Cream

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Getting Your Own Book Published

(But Couldn’t Get Anyone To Tell You)


Traditional Italian Biscotti

With no oil or butter, traditional Italian biscotti are much healthier than those candy-covered sticks you get in Starbucks. Here are my favorite 3 versions. Read more…


Fontina Potato Torta

The BEST potato casserole you’ve ever had. Anytime. Anywhere. Read more…

Stella Pastina

This is a super kid-friendly meal, and actually great for babies just starting on table food. A much healthier alternative to canned soup, and amazing on a cold day! stellasoup Read more…

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